Saturday, February 19, 2011

Break from the usual

This past week at work, we did a secret pal in which we brought something for our secret pal everyday based on an interest sheet they filled out. I got another teacher's assistant I talk to a little. She enjoys hiking, football, cooking, tulips, fruit, and polka dots.

Monday - tulip plant
Tuesday - potholders and oven mitt
Wednesday - 2 issues of Glamour magazine
Thursday - pineapple, a whole one
Friday - polka dot shower curtain

I'm pretty easy. I have 2 major hobbies: baking and exercising, an interesting combination of food lover and fitness fanatic. My secret pal gave me some really cool things.

Monday - two sparkle gel writing pens
Tuesday - heart cookie cutters, baking cups
Wednesday - dish towels
Thursday - sprinkles
Friday - boxes, pot holder and oven mitt, yoga towel, and a recipe for banana bread I'm making tomorrow

My secret pal ended up being a teacher whom I worked with this summer. She looks like an older version of Kate Walsh and she's an amazing teacher.

On Friday, Ms. Karen, the other teacher assistant in my room, gave me a book to read, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which I've thus far enjoyed. It's quite a complicated story for me. I typically like easy to read books. She also brought me fruit for snack time. She is awesome. I may bake her this carrot cake recipe she provided me.

We all had a great week at work... until the last hour but that's confidential I suppose. Let's just say small children are dangerous and we can't do anything about it. :(

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