Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bring something.

For every potluck I've been to, or anytime I'm asked to make my friends something to eat, I choose mac and cheese. It's pretty cheap, it fills you up, and it's simple comfort food. Simple is not in my vocabulary sometimes and rarely is it even for mac and cheese. I like to find complicated recipes.

I had leftover bacon from the Elvis triple layer birthday cake so I looked for a bacon mac and cheese recipe. I decided on this recipe because the pictures were pretty and the original recipe comes from an Iron Chef Michael Symon. I have no clue who he is but I tried it out.

I found that I like recipes in which the mac and cheese starts in a skillet with cream, the cheese is melted in, and the pasta is added on top. In this way, the pasta soaks up all the goodness. When a recipe doesn't do this, I pass it by.

It's delicious. If not for that buffalo chicken mac and cheese I made once, this would've been my favorite mac and cheese recipe.

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