Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crazy sexy questions day 1

I perused Crazy Sexy Diet at the bookstore today and I definitely want a copy. It's a recommended read by a friend. I love this list of diet tips and her whole blog. I'm reading and reading right now.

In her book, she has 20 questions for 21 days of raw adventure, here's how it's panning out. So I guess I'm going to work on 21 days... or longer... for however long I can! :)

1. Did I abstain from coffee? Yes! I had tea. I hope that's okay.
2. Did I abstain from alcohol? I haven't had any since New Year.
3. Did I abstain from gluten? Yes
4. Did I abstain from animal products?
5. Did I abstain from sugar and choose low glycemic fruits and better alternatives such as stevia or agave? Mostly, I had a Pure Organic Bar that includes some dates
Low glycemic fruits (55 or fewer points): cherries, grapefruit, dried apricots, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, apple, pear, plums, blueberries, peaches, oranges, grapes, kiwi fruit, bananas
Medium glycemic fruits (56 - 69 points) seem to include: mangoes, apricots, raisins, pineapple High glycemic fruits (above 70 points) seem to include: watermelon, dried dates

6. Did I dry brush today? First time!
7. Did I clean my sinuses with a neti pot? I'm getting one when I go home, but I seriously need one!
8. Did I move my body for at least 35 minutes? Barre fusion for 1 hour
9. Did I meditate for 15 - 20 minutes? Tonight?
10. Did I chew my meals thoroughly and mindfully? I did this morning, but mom and I went to 118 Degrees and we devoured our brunch. I tried my best though.
11. Did I laugh out loud and tell someone I love them? Hmm...
12. Did I spend (at least 5 minutes) in nature? I'm in California so what nature we have...
13. Did I get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep? Yes I did.
14. What did I eat today and did I juice? I'll post pictures later, but no, I didn't juice.
15. How much purified water did I drink? I drink a whole liter
16. What supplements did I take? Women's One-A-Day though it's not raw and Raw Protein from Garden of Life
17. How was my elimination? After my big meal
18. What time did I stop eating and was it 3 hours before bed? Not time for bed, but yes I will!
19. How do I feel physically? I think I need a neti pot. I was irritable in the afternoon cause my neck was in pain.
20. How do I feel emotionally? Not good. I'm working on self-love continuously.

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