Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finding success in whoopie pies

I had a bad day yesterday at work. The kids were insane with the 2 hour delay. Great workouts though since I got more time to do so.

Workouts today sucked. I left halfway through step class because I could not deal with the instructor's many mistakes. I skipped weights and got coffee instead but took 2 hip hop classes. I was able to do the first class because I knew all the moves, but I got upset when I couldn't master the moves in the second class. Clearly, I'm a perfectionist.

I was just frustrated so I decided to nap. I would've worked out at home except there's always a gazillion people in my home on weekends. It's so annoying. Instead of yoga, I skipped that too and decided on a bake-a-thon.

I wanted to find success today so I chose Elvis peanut butter whoopie pies. Success! I never cease to fail at making whoopie pies.

I feel sick now from all the sugar. I used spelt. Regardless, I think I'll start a raw food-like diet. I can bake as long as I don't keep buying sweets outside the home. I've been doing that A LOT lately. Baking is too good of a stress reliever for me to give it up.

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