Friday, February 25, 2011

Raw day 2

9:20-2 Raw Meal is pretty gross. It took me a really long time to consume it all. It was lumpy - I put in a regular bottle instead of one with a grater. The kids thought it was gross.

3:30 Pineapples that I bought for the retirement shindig but forgot and bell peppers

5 Raw Protein was gross also. A little sugar helped

6:30 Cabbage rolls and 1/2 Living Foods vanilla cheesecake from Greenlife were exceptionally good. The cabbage rolls were really nothing but the cheesecake was decadent so I only had half. I get the other half for tomorrow!

11:30 Taste of matcha chocolate cake, which I baked. Oh, baking...

I feel pretty good until I had some of the non-raw food. Ick, I have a headache. I like raw foods cause it makes me feel better.

I know it must be terrible to say but I get to see my daddy tomorrow even though the only reason I even get to see him is because I'm going to a funeral. :(

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