Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finally bought some matcha!

It's just green tea powder but boy is it expensive. I paid $14 for a baggie of matcha powder at Dobra Tea because it was a little cheaper than Greenlife/Whole Foods. Thankfully, not a lot is required for recipes including the amazing-looking matcha spelt rolls I made tonight. It's a yeast bread that's not too hard to make. I used SunSpire carob chips inside. The rolls were reminiscent of pain au chocolat.

Hm, after my bake-a-thon tonight with whoopie pies and green tea spelt rolls, I'm thinking matcha whoopie pies!

An added bonus: peanut butter chocolate cookies from Whole Foods' website. I used the carob chips again. There's a nice taste to the chips, but the sweetness is missing.

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