Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big thoughts on a big dream...

I couldn't resist making the strawberry milk cake for pre-Valentine's Day. I'm not a master at cakes. Mine always crumble when I try to remove them from the pan so I left it in there. I couldn't decorate it the way they did, but it looked like a bed for this scantily clad Ken doll. The cake was good too. I used a different frosting though, the same one I used from strawberry whoopie pies - a cream cheese frosting. Yum.

Because I was in the mood for strawberry milk cake, I bought strawberry extract, strawberry preserves, and real strawberries. I had to make strawberry flavored whoopie pies because I was already set to make whoopie pies. The cookies were superb and not super soft like the Elvis whoopie pies.

I was talking to Yancey about starting a business. My co-workers ask if I'm trying to become a baker. Well, cupcakes are out. How about whoopie pies? There aren't really any businesses in the business of making them and I'm quite good at them. I also love that I could do so much with them such as these vanilla and matcha whoopie pies.

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