Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winners: breads

Banana bread: I bake a lot of banana bread because I love the soft, pillowy texture. It must be the same reason I love pumpkin baked goods. Banana and pumpkin just make baked goods gooey. I've experienced dry banana breads, underbaked breads, overly complicated ones that I thought would be good - peanut butter/pumpkin/banana bread or PB&J banana bread, and exotic banana breads.

However, I came to the conclusion that I like banana bread soft in the middle, with chocolate chips, and a crunchy topping. That's where Orangette's banana bread with chocolate and cinnamon sugar topping comes in. I baked it one night while everyone was at a party and I was caring for our sick friend Kyle. I decided to bake a ton of food to surprise our friends when they got home in the middle of the night. This was Kyle's favorite as well as mine.

I don't know how my roommate feel about it - he likes banana bread quite a bit for someone who doesn't like sweets yet I can only remember his favorable comment towards the green curry banana bread I made once. In any case, Kyle took all the leftovers home.

Pumpkin bread: Oh yes, pumpkin bread must be included. The commentary's the same here. No one even got a shot at the pumpkin bread though. I devoured each and every bite. Thank goodness it was healthier. The winner is a Hungry Girl recipe with cranberries. The perfect pumpkin bread is indeed perfect: moist and sweetened with dried fruit. I kept having it for every meal when I made it.

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