Monday, March 7, 2011

Tilt my head

Flying totally sucks. I'm dehydrated even though I drink tons of water. My sinuses are stuffed up and my body aches. Of course I sit next to a man who takes up part of my seat too. :(

My sinuses have not been quite cleared lately. I got sick from work a few weeks ago and haven't been the same since. It reminds me of when I first got sick in my teens and never fully regained clear nasal passages.

I heard about Neti pots from a co-worker and then on Crazy Sexy Diet. I feel like I'm breathing in so much gross stuff that this would really help.

It wasn't hard, but I was only half successful. I couldn't figure out how to tilt my head properly and breathe through my mouth. Water went in one nostril and either went to my mouth or drained from the same nose. Anyways, it doesn't matter since I blew out mucus and saw a visible yellow stain and blood! Gross, but it's totally cool like those blackhead strips.

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