Friday, March 18, 2011

Ready for springtime cake: lemon blueberry cake

I have lemons... that my friend decided to roll out while we chatted the other day. When I cut them open, the juice spray my clothes.

So I dabbled in making lemon curd using Martha Stewart's recipe. It always seemed too hard, but really, this was so much easier than I ever expected. Now I just need to tackle making mango curd.

Here's the cake. I did as told by piping a border of frosting so the lemon curd would stay in. My lemon curd would've stayed in regardless - it wasn't too runny.

I frosted it pretty good. I did a crumb coat, put it in the fridge, and did another coat. No fancy piping here though. It all worked better because this isn't buttercream, it's a powdered sugar-based frosting.

I used all natural Let's Do Sprinkles in pastel pinks, greens, and whites. I love the mix of colors.

Ta da: double-lemon blueberry layer cake

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