Friday, March 11, 2011


It's obvious I've been quite unhappy with my job. I wanted to cry before work yesterday and I did after work. I couldn't muster energy to work out. This job has not only made me depressed but fat and lazy.

I talked to dad who said a few extra pounds isn't a big deal. He doesn't think I'm fat. I lost weight once and I can do it again. It's no biggie. Who am I trying to impress? No one but myself. It's great that I'm not worried about others, but geez, do I have some high standards for myself.

He also asked me what makes me happy. Well, that list will have to come another day. I'm working on a list on paper right now. I definitely enjoy sunshine and warm weather, food and baking, wearing nice clothes, getting lost in a good book, snuggling in bed and napping, waking up early, planning things, etcetera.

So considering all that, I've decided to:
  • move to a warmer place - LA or Austin here we come!
  • go into the health field despite my undergraduate choices by starting with all the pre requesites I don't have
  • read more good books - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • clean my house more often
  • make meal plans
  • continue to be raw for the most part
  • continue baking and actually, finding more time consuming recipes including tiramisu, cinnamon rolls, and wedding cakes
  • buy myself some nice jammies :)
What I need to do is relax more. I suck at that. To do so, I will read more books and watch more movies.

Okay, while I contemplate all that, here's yesterday for food.

For breakfast, I had Raw Protein with almond milk at 9:15AM.

12:45 I had lunch of a mango, spinach, and avocado spring roll with berries. I had made the mistake of not packing enough so I ate my berries at lunch.

After work, I headed over to Greenlife and bought raw collard rolls filled with sprouts and mushroom pate.

After breaking down on the phone with dad in the parking lot of some store, I came home to talk to Yancey. I had two slices of toast with a tablespoon of peanut butter and some vegan carob chips.

I baked last night. First, oatmeal banana pumpkin cookies then key lime blackberry swirl cupcakes, but I used real blackberries instead of jam. Both turned out good. The cookie was grainy since it involves mostly oats, banana, and pumpkin rather than depend on flour. The cupcake was muffin-like until I put on the cream cheese topping.

I had a cookie and part of the cupcake.

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