Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Saucy, spicy, and raw

I bought my first ever iPod the other day. Of course, I bought an iPod touch. I love it so far. The camera is pretty good.

Okay, to my day. For breakfast, I had another Make Juice Not War green drink at 9AM. Then I headed to Turbo Kick.

Next up, Fry's Electronics to browse around. We walked for an hour before lunch because 118 Degrees had a nice long waiting list. When I finally got there at 1PM, I had the New Mexico nachos - I love Southwestern fusion foods 'cause they're spicy. Mom got the prix-fixe menu for Restaurant Week, however, it was not quite good. She had a pretty plain salad with a couple of citrus fruits doused in cinnamon - she doesn't like cinnamon. She chose the pad thai made of veggies instead of pasta. The dish lacked sauce. The apple cobbler was pretty good or at least better than the strawberry shortcake I bought for later.

I went to Turbo Kick again at 5:30 after reading and napping. I ate my strawberry shortcake without the crust for the most part and Raw Protein with almond milk.

I dropped by a market called Sprouts. They had a great selection of vitamins and minerals so I finally bought some probiotics.

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