Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No joke!: Clean car, successes in the kitchen, but no workout??

I cleaned my car! It took almost 45 minutes, but I got it done. Except for that tiny sliver between the dash and the seats the vacuum won't reach. It made me glad and happy. Though there are 2 bags in the garage with stuff that used to be in the car: blankets, clothes, etc.

Took the day off working out (spin and step). Instead, I roamed around downtown and had dinner and a drink. Cause I don't know why, but I got frustrated coming in the door at work.

I went to C├║rate, the new tapas bar. I got gambas al ajillo (sauteed shrimp) and a rebujito (apparently sherry with 7 Up and I NEVER drink soda :(!). Oh well. Eh, it was all okay. Nothing fantastic.

For breakfast: V-Core. For lunch: slice of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin with PB. Skipped my snack so I could go out...

Still on my list of things to try: Rosetta Kitchen's tempeh wings, Sazerac's Terpiscore, and Limones' empanadas.

So I baked. Of course I did. Because I needed to test out my cupcakes tonight.

No frosting yet. I'm still having issues with it, but the cupcakes themselves are fantastic. I decided to go with my original idea and only add slivers of fresh pineapple instead of pineapple curd.

The problem is, as they sit there and cool, I get bored. I bought a tub of vegetarian mascarpone cheese the other day and have been itching to make tiramisu since forever. So I went for Dorie Greenspan's tiramisu. Most other recipes require that I purchase ladyfingers or have complicated recipes for them. This cake is fantastic, beautiful, and light but not really (calorie-wise).

The middle has a layer of mascarpone/whipped frosting with chocolate chunks too. The only problem: not enough espresso syrup to soak the cake though it wouldn't look so cake-like then, would it?

While I waited for the cake to bake and cool, I made vegan cinnamon rolls. My last attempt at vegan cinnamon rolls was such a success, I tried this recipe. These are truly orgasmic cinnamon rolls, better than the first.

I was satisfied with my night even though I didn't go workout. I feel bad when the older, bigger ladies can work out so much (two spin classes in a row). Okay, they're still big and have been working out longer than I have, but how can they have so much energy.

Now that my car is cleaned, I need to lift weights tomorrow.

Jillian Michaels' "No More Trouble Zones,"

I'll see you at 7:30AM tomorrow.


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