Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday shopping & baking

Just a thought: I need to start lifting weights. Tomorrow, I'll do the Jillian Michaels' "No More Trouble Zone" in addition to spinning. I'll also need to start practicing more of Round 42 again...

Today though, I went to Turbo Kick at Cheshire Fitness & Racquet Club in Black Mountain. I hate a green tea latte, which I never have, and Shakeology. I miss AM workouts!

Afterwards, I roamed around downtown and got a spinach Florentine roll from Creme. Not good. Oh well.

I did more shopping. Tuesday Morning has some Bodum appliances but nothing in the color I want. I also shouldn't buy any appliances as the big move is coming soon.

However, I can buy cake pans for my layer cakes. I bought some from Nordic Ware as well as goodies for baking.

I made Baked: New Frontiers in Baking's White Out cake. I happened upon several baker-bloggers who baked this cake so I thought I would too. I used a shooting star cookie cutter and sprinkles to make a fun decoration. I also spaced out some white chocolate chips on the edges.

Very good.

I attempted to make my mooncake cupcakes for Cupcakes for Cures. In addition to red bean paste, I made pineapple curd adapting the lemon curd recipe from Martha I used the other day. I pureed pineapple and date in the cream cheese frosting.

Filled after the cake baked with red bean paste and pineapple curd then topped with cream cheese frosting

Pineapple curd baked inside with a layer of red bean paste then topped with pineapple-date cream cheese frosting

I baked and ate out quite a bit this past week. Let's try again. I have about ONE month left in this challenge.

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