Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friday single girl date night

I skipped hip hop on Friday but didn't tell you what I did.

Mostly, I roamed around downtown and hung out with Kris and friends cause they were downtown too.

First, I enjoyed myself in the open window of Dobra Tea with Memories of Prague.

I treated myself to a dinner at Chai Pani. I had the Bombay chili cheese fries made with turkey. I barely ate any fries. I guess I should've just had the turkey hash, but I like the idea of fries.

I had a Rickshaw Romeo.

Since I haven't had a drink since New Year's, I stumbled around afterwards and met Kris's friends.

I ended my night at around 10PM. Pretty early huh? That's typical for me.

I think I'll have to do my single girl date nights with myself more often.

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