Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gloomy spring weekend? :(


My weekends are starting to look almost as bad as my weekdays. I woke up early Saturday to make more cream cheese frosting. After delivering my cupcakes to the Grove Park Inn, I took a nap instead of going to the gym. Lame. Then I got up for Cupcakes for Cures. I forgot my camera of course and it was so packed, I didn't really have a chance to take pictures before everything was gone!

I had a ton of mini cupcakes. My favorites included a lavender green tea Haw Creek honeycakes, Sugarbomb Bakery’s “I Got My Mojo Workin’” mojito, and Clingman Café’s margarita cupcake.

Beer-inspired cupcakes, mostly made from stouts, aren’t my favorites but neither are stout beers anyways.

I made the mistake of naming my cupcake “Mooncupcake” but not describing it. After I nabbed a pen and hijacked my sign, more people took notice. I think that’s why I didn’t win: they didn’t know what delicious flavors they were tasting. Haha. Well, Yancey liked it and another woman told me she enjoyed it also. It’s an intriguing mix rivaled only by the green tea.

French Broad Chocolate Lounge came out with the most gorgeous cupcakes made with white chocolate squares instead of cupcake liners: bliss, squared. Bake it Pretty’s “Son of a Preacher Man” was also beautiful as was an amateur s’mores entry. One of the s’mores entry looked exactly like the ones I made for the school’s fall festival. One looked like a hamburger but tasted just okay.

One of the parents of my kids made cupcakes for the same category. He took his girls. How sweet.

Next year, I’ll have to enter again, which means I’ll have to come through Asheville. I should’ve entered the “gluten-free” and “wedding” since they had fewer entries. I had thought about entering a vanilla chai white velvet cake for the “wedding” category and I regret that I didn’t. ☹

Afterwards, I had raw lasagna made of zucchini and cashew ricotta with sundried tomato salsa from Laughing Seed Café. I chatted up the woman next to me.

I went home for a nap that left me drowsy. I decided to make cupcakes, but only did the batter before I broke down. I hate rain, I hate winter, and I need to get my ass in shape. It’s huge and I can’t fit into my 3-5 clothes. I have to lose this weight big time. A shower made me feel energized and wanting to work out, but I decided against it and went to hang out with Yancey.

We celebrated 4 years of living together with cocktails at Sazerac. I had the Dance/Terpsichore: vodka, ginger, grapefruit, campari. It was bitter and not as good as Love Poetry with fruity tastes.

We met up with Alex and her friend at Arcade. It’s my first time there. We came home and I fell asleep watching “Morning Glory.”


I woke up on the couch and went to sleep in my room till almost noon. The roommate and I were supposed to go have lunch, but he was still in bed so instead, I went by myself downtown and chose Arcade Asheville for their ½ price specials. I got a veggie wrap with smoked gouda mac & cheese for a little over $4. I ate half the wrap and half the mac, brought home the rest of the wrap and tossed the mac and cheese. For dessert, I had half a pain au chocolat from Modesto Bakery.

I was so full and still was after an hour on the elliptical, mild weights, Zumba, 15 minutes on a stationary bike, and yoga. Plus, I walked around. I came home to finish baking lychee-coconut cupcakes made with whole wheat and ginger frosting. I ate one even though I was full. ☹

To help me out, I had my probiotics and Bragg’s apple cider vinegar ginger drink. I was surprised at the agreeable taste in comparison to other living drinks I’ve tried. I guess I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to feel better. With all the working out, I feel like I should feel so much better.

Now I’m planning my trip next weekend to Charlotte, meal planning, and watching “All Good Things,” a suspense movie with Kirsten Dunst and Ryan Gosling, who makes a great killer (remember that movie with Sandra Bullock?)

Plans for my Charlotte/Chapel Hill trip

Since I promised to head out for fun on Friday night and bring Conor with me, I’ll be in Asheville Friday night. MAYBE. I’ll decide then. He’ll be in town tomorrow!

Also, I wanted to bake for Bakesale for Japan on the 2nd: green tea and strawberry cupcakes & matcha and vanilla whoopie pies! I’d just have someone bring it over there for me.

Head to Charlotte early, have a Shakeology while I’m at it, go the Turbo Kick from 11-1, have lunch at Luna’s Living Kitchen, head to Paper Skyscraper and Hong Kong Vintage, and do more shopping.

Then I’ll head to Chapel Hill to spend the night or just come home. I’m leaning towards the latter.

Menu planning/workouts for the week

Monday, March 28
V-Core, spinach salad with veggies from inside of the leftover wrap from Barcade, Fuji apple, Shakeology; AM No More Trouble Zones, step, Turbo Kick Round 42

Tuesday, March 29
V-Core, spinach salad, berries, Shakeology; practice Round 43, spin, step, yoga

Wednesday, March 30
V-Core, spinach salad, berries, Shakeology; practice Round 43, kickboxing, abs, yoga

Thursday, March 31
V-Core, grawnola w/ almond milk, berries, Shakeology; practice Round 43, weights class, Turbo Kick

Friday, April 1
V-Core, Ezekiel w/ PB, banana, Shakeology; practice Round 43, hip hop

Saturday, April 2
Shakeology, Luna’s Living Café, Amelie’s; Turbo Kick

Sunday, April 3
Shakeology???; Zumba, yoga

One last thing

I found an article in Health Magazine from January/February that I was reading at the gym today. I should write down my goals on a sticky and put it somewhere I will see all the time. I’m thinking I just need to write myself a happy Post-It every night.

  • Get down to 120 by the end of the school year. How? Work out twice a day, eat what you planned! You did it once, you can do it again.
  • Read a book.
  • Squeeze something when you’re stressed out.
  • You get to go to Charlotte this weekend!
  • You get to go to Savannah for TWO days for Spring Break!
  • You’re moving in June, and you get to quit your goddamn job!

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