Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day!

I didn't realize today was 3.14 until just a few hours ago so no pie for the day.

I've successfully made apple pie and several faux pies (sweet potato whoopie pie and pumpkin pie snickerdoodle bars). I'm fairly intrigued by the Long Beach lime pie so someday, when it's National Pie Day in January, I'll bake that.

Might as well since I forgot my sneakers today and didn't have any in my car! It's insane because I have so many other shoes I never wear in my car.

Anyhow, today wasn't too bad. I started the day off with a V-Core protein shake at 9:15AM. It was tough waking up because I didn't get to bed until 2AM!

For lunch, I ate a spring roll with avocado and spinach. I also had a slice of cantaloupe.

At 5PM, I finished off my Pink Lady apple.

I forgot my sneakers and a parent was late so I decided to skip step, get sweet potato chili cheese fries from Rosetta's Kitchen again!, and nap.

I woke up, did "Burn It Up" of the "Slim in 6" series, and also practiced punches for Turbo Kick Round 42. :) Tomorrow, kicks.

After, I had a couple of celery stalks with peanut butter and chocolate chips cause I don't have any raisins. Plus, I prefer blueberries.

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