Saturday, March 5, 2011

Countdown back home

Yesterday, because the funeral was early, I didn't get a chance to work out. All the classes were early. :(

My uncle took me to Whole Foods for an Einstein with beets and carrots and such since I don't usually have those in my diet. I had this for breakfast at 7:45AM.

Then I ate one of the thai spring rolls leftover from the day before, but they kind of melted as did everything else. From Whole Foods, I had a half piece of raw sweet potato pie.

While everyone ate at the restaurant after the funeral, I ate an apple with some PB around 2PM.

Before mom took me home, we stopped by Good to Go for their special of the day, a flax pizza with mushrooms, sprouts, and peppers. I ate half at 7:30.

Today, I started off with Raw Protein in almond milk at 7:15. Then I headed to Fit Club from 8-9. Every Saturday at Studio Fusion they're showcasing one of the Beach Body videos. We did a Turbo Fire video today. It's not as great as a class but better than working out to videos alone. I wish we had a mirror though because I definitely hold myself more accountable.

11AM I got a free sample of chocolate Shakeology so after a shower, I drank that and had some mango. I bought a month's worth of the shakes or well, I'll be drinking them maybe a few times a week. It's rather expensive.

I ate half a banana and visited a relative in the hospital. It seems things aren't going so well for everybody.

I bought my dad an iPod dock, speaker, and charger since I gave him my iPod Touch in exchange for an iPhone 3GS with 16GB of memory. I gave him my phone, my new iPod, and bought him the speakers. I decided on the SkullCandy Pipe that looks like a baton.

Afterwards, I ate dinner at 7PM. I picked the toppings off my leftover pizza from Good to Go but ate the crust of some raw bread from Au Lac with chimichurri. I shared some of their "smoothie" with dad, but I'm saving the rest for tomorrow. :)

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