Tuesday, September 11, 2012

WIAW: Why I love thee

Fall is a-coming. If you haven't noticed. I'm a year-round fall fan.
  • Cooler weather but still gorgeous
  • Turning of the leaves and their crunchiness
  • Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • School - I've always been in or worked in schools so fall is a "new beginning"
  • Pumpkin candles, period.
I eat pumpkin-flavored food all year long but long for the first batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

I'm ready.

Other favorite pumpkin recipes:
To celebrate my love for fall, I'm participating in the "Fall into Fall" Swap. You should too!

Though here's a reminder it's not quite fall yet: the hot weather and spring rolls. I'm not sure they'll go into retirement even then...

Rotisserie chicken breast spring rolls with avocado, green leaf lettuce, and crunchy onions from Costco.

Chicken makes spring rolls even better than shrimp!

I had a couple long days and am glad it's over.

Here's what I packed for lunch, dinner, and snacks on Monday:

On Tuesday, I packed the same lunch and for dinner, salmon & cauliflower rice nori roll.

I also had some impromptu snacks...

CdM Yogurt's Only 8 frozen yogurt!

2 for 1 chocolate

This low cal flax milk was also 2 for 1

What are your favorite pumpkin/fall recipes? I've never made a pumpkin pie so that'll have to happen!
What's the last good deal you got on food or anything else for that matter?


  1. Ooh I haven't heard of flax milk before. Is it nice? Blue Diamon Almond Milk is on offer here at the moment so I'm stocking up like a crazy person as it's usually quite expensive.

  2. frozen yogurt. every time someone posts pictures of it, it drives me crazy. i want it immediately. haha.

    and i love spring rolls. now i want thai food.

  3. Frozen yogurt...so good!

    I love those fresh vermicelli rolls..so refreshing!

    Have a nice weekend!