Saturday, September 8, 2012

Legs, Abs, & More Circuit(s)

6:30 is far too early to get up on a Saturday. A lot of you disagree, but I'm a 7-7:30 kind of gal.

I switched up my normal Saturday class(es) and went to a 7:15 boot camp class taught by a couple of personal trainers. One of them in particular, Nathan, is extremely knowledgeable.

I wanted some color for today's post so I broke out the Photoshop. :)

*Click to enlarge.

I started with push-ups to get the worst one over. I also wanted my "group" to be two men so I would push myself. It's psychological because I know ladies can lift heavy too.

I kicked butt with walking lunges with weights. Lunges [and squats] are my all time favorite! I'm short and bottom heavy and have pretty decent flexibility. Overall, the second circuit just felt better - my body was finally warm and sweaty.

We did circuit 3 together in a circle. It was all about legs so I loved it. I attribute this to not only my genes but also yoga for loosening my hips and protecting my already-crappy knees.

I didn't feel as winded as I did on Tuesday's athletic training class. Today's class had more weights while Tuesday was more cardio. Instead, I feel pretty darn good and energized.

Carrot cake protein pancakes for breakfast for the 4th day in a row afterwards and I'm thinking about studying before work. Thinking about it...

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