Friday, September 14, 2012

Too hot for almost fall

Not sure why its taken me so long to do High Five Friday, especially since I'm such a fan of A Dash of Meg, but here I go.

First, the high fives I want to give out.

Kayla celebrated her 25th birthday this week

H Slov helped his neighbor stay on track in class and for staying focused himself. So proud - he's all grown up!

My high fives for the week:

Going to BodyPump today. It was super hot in there - we shot up to 99 degrees!

Finishing more than half my book!

Making a fall bucket list, inspired by May the Force Be With You.

I love apples and need to stock up! And can you believe I've never made a pumpkin pie?!

Studying 2 chapters this week, and working on another one this weekend.


Dear Starbucks, I broke down and got a tall iced coffee with pumpkin syrup. However, I didn't realize your syrup was so sugary. I only drank half. Still very good.

Dear Summer, I ready for you to be over especially with the 90+ degree weather. I think another shower is in order.

Dear Foodie Penpal, I'm finally done compiling your package. It took me so long. I hope you love it. :)

Dear Canadians, I thought your peanut butter would be better. I've had better. I'm so drawn to things from Canada - what's the word for people who are obsessed with Canada. People who are into England are called Anglophiles.

Some meals from the week:

Pineapple shrimp in a Foldout. I'm officially sick of Foldouts...

Oatmeal protein pancake everyday this week!

Has fall hit you yet, or is it getting unseasonably hot where you are?
Will you be doing anything on my fall bucket list?


  1. You know I'm all over that oatmeal protein pancake right?! ;)

  2. Don't judge Canadian foods by just one nutbutter :)

    1. Haha. I love the Kraft peanut butter they have in Canada though!

  3. LOVE your fall bucket list!

    New follower!

    Have a great week! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot and say hi!

  4. you and I are very much alike! If something is tooooo sweet I just cannot drink all of it! Those pumps of syrup from Sbucks are soooo sweet! Glad you gave it a try though!

    Thanks for participating, sweetie pie! YOU get it - celebrating YOURSELF!

    Love you and thank you sooooo much for promoting high5fri <3 it means the world to me <3