Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks review


Dear Friday, You snuck up on me. Everyone kept wishing me a happy Friday and wondered what I was doing this weekend... I don't even know. I do know that I work 12-4 tomorrow.

Another round of carrot cake protein pancakes.

Dear Quorn, I finally got to try your turk'y burger in a lettuce wrap and loved it. The chewiness reminiscent of soy chicken.

Added some carrot fries. The mildly burnt ones were the best.

Dear Trader Joe's, I hate cucumbers but like them here. I was surprised by the large slices of cukes. I didn't mind eating them though.

Dear Gordon Ramsay, I love "MasterChef" and I'm loving "Hotel Hell." I am sad Becky got sent home on "MasterChef" though.

Dear Rebecca Skloot, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks was a great read.

Sometimes it was slow especially with all the science, however, I was impressed by the fact that such a scientific story could be told so well. The book covers a lot of history, which really appealed to me. I felt like I read something more important than my usual.

The science made sense, but I got lost with all the religiosity with the family. I understand it's part of the story. I'm just not interested in reading two whole chapters in which Henrietta's daughter is saved by God.

Though I enjoyed the book, the parts that slowed me down did so for awhile. I ended up spending 2 weeks reading.

Dear Bill Bryson, Speaking of history novels, I'm reading A Walk in the Woods next. I love your books and will read each and every one. I'm almost there!

I lived next to the Appalachian Trail for 6 years and now I have this love for nature, kind of... I'm still not ready for real nature adventure.

Dear Weekend, What shall I do with you? Workout, work, and study. I also need to shop for my September foodie penpal.

What are you doing this weekend?
What are you reading?


  1. You are reading some good stuff! I felt the same way about Henrietta Lacks - a little too much science but overall an interesting story. I might be starting Gone Girl this weekend, I have only heard good things! Enjoy!

  2. I love the pic with your two dogs on the porch. Great stuff. I need to read actual books a bit more. It feels like there is some great content on the net that my actual book reading has been pushed aside a bit.