Monday, September 17, 2012

MIMM: Morning errands

If you've watched TV (or Hulu) lately, you might have seen the Internet Explorer or some car commercial, you may know this song. I'm not a music person but fell instantly for the song.


rotisserie chicken
chicken sausage
chile lime burgers

spring rolls
1/2 sweet potato
carrot fries

pumpkin Greek yogurt
popchips tortilla chips

Workout Plan

Monday - TurboKick + weights
Tuesday - athletic training/BodyPump
Wednesday - yoga
Friday - BodyPump
Saturday - boot camp/TurboKick, Zumba
Sunday - yoga

I slept in an extra hour this morning and need to run some errands for the day, either before or after work:
  • Post office
  • Bank
  • Trader Joe's/Mother's protein powder
I considered baking this morning. I threw that out the window till I can find a recipe I love.

I'm trying to stay away from "sugar-free," but I'll deal with the chemicals for pumpkin pie syrup.

I ate Trader Joe's pumpkin-flavored Greek yogurt. It was everything I wanted.

I also made a death by chocolate microwave cake. It was grossly bitter - not sure if it was due to the cocoa powder or the stevia. I tried peanut flour without the stevia and it was 100xs better.

Whole Foods has more flavors!

What marvelous night time snacks do you eat?
Have you found any marvelous songs lately?

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