Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Ok [To Eat] Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

 It's ok... 

To try your own recipe and fail. I still ate them: cinnamon roll protein pancakes (4 egg whites, 1/4 c. oat flour, cinnamon then a cinnamon cream cheese Laughing Cow wedge).

Sure was pretty though.

To get some froyo. It's within my budget, which I will introduce this weekend!

To be obsessed with Walden Farms' pancake syrup. Yes, Walden Farms has chemicals, but sometimes that's okay. The rest of my food is typically chemical free.

To crave and eat a waffle before bed.

To take stevia packets meant for coffee drinkers. I didn't buy coffee, but I stocked up. Is that horrible? Stevia is expensive!

To buy more kind bars. They're only $1 and there are so few left now that everyone has picked at them.

To have pie as your wallpaper. :)

To not be all that interested in InStyle. I'm not a fashionista, but I try with my $5 subscription...

How did you live your day to the fullest, or in slang terms, YOLO your day? Not sure how YOLO is supposed to be used by the way. I think it's similar to a noun.

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