Tuesday, September 4, 2012

WIAW: Habits cultivated

I didn't know what my September/fall food resolution would be. It just happened upon me as I wrote my September goals.

I didn't touch on the subject of food or fitness because, as I'm working through recovery, I've been so good already. I'm working out regularly (5-6 times per week) and eat well, particularly as of late! I've been eating enough! :)

I'm not bragging so much as I'm celebrating the fact that I have good habits. It was a lot of hard work. 

I used to eat Jack in the Box sourdough Jacks with curly fries, ranch dressing, and Dr. Peppers. I even skipped the tomato. I also ate Del Taco's chicken soft tacos, Pizza Hut's wings and breadsticks (in one sitting), and the like.

I can safely say I haven't had true fast food in years. I had In-N-Out a year ago, but other than that, I'm running on clean foods and dessert sometimes. I gave up french fries cold turkey and haven't had one in years, and try not to let any food get the best of me... oh you nut butters!

Good habits as of late

Just eat clean and don't worry too much. 

On today's menu, oats minus the oats, tuna on a Flatout, carrots (hate 'em but will eat), and two of these baked salmon sushi rolls.

I've made and consumed so many PB & J protein bars!

Every night for a week, I've made pumpkin "cheesecake" mousse. It's clean: pumpkin, almond milk, and cottage cheese with stevia.

Salmon would cost an arm and a leg if it wasn't for the fact that these are the parts of the salmon sushi restaurants don't want.

Fun and balanced workouts.

Lately, I've done a lot of more yoga and weights through BodyPump. I've limited TurboKick to once or twice per week. Each new release is supposed to challenge me, but I've been TurboKicking for over almost 3 years!

Today, I tried an athletic training/boot camp class and loved it!

I fell down shuffling and picked myself up without much thought. I kept shuffling without skipping a beat and wasn't embarrassed either.

Here's what else happened:
  • 5 minutes of jump roping. I've been attempting to jump rope for 30 second intervals. Most people did the low impact jump roping instead of one-unders.
  • Lunges, high knees, jumps, shuffles across the room, sometimes with weights. These are my favorites.
  • Lots of jumping jacks.
  • Punches. Also a favorite. I look so fierce with my kickboxing/TurboKick background. :)
  • Some stepping. Like in a step class.
  • Wall sits
  • Pushups and situps as usual, which I hate! My wrists have been killing me - they need a definite break.
Love work. I know this isn't always possible, but try your best. It's about attitude!

My job at the high school is fantastic. I was sad I don't get to work with my students from last year but I've already started enjoying the kids I'm with.

One of my kids is Hawaiian and plays the ukulele and I like the two girls in my junior English class... I rarely like girls this much!

My other job is not so fantastic. I throw fits and drag myself to go. I go and it's never that bad. I talk to my co-workers and if I can't talk to them, I talk endlessly to customers.

The most important part is not to let people get to you. Actually, that's the rule for work and your social life.

I no longer let people get to me. Part of it is... I just don't care. That may not be the best advice because you should care, but so far, it works for me.

I do care about my family and students. A lot.

"Right now is the best time of our life." 
- Lucy, "Dating Rules for My Future Self"

In addition to "Wake up and be awesome," this is one of my favorite quotes of all time!

What are good habits you've cultivated and are proud of?


  1. I wish I could just NOT care about others,indeed... I do that far too much and it's really a problem in my case. :/
    It's great that you were able to stop relying on what others think and say about you. Must be liberating,I believe...

    1. Wow, you must've read the whole post! :) It's super tough and I'm not saying it's a good thing to not care. I wish I cared more sometimes too.

  2. PB&J protein bars sound so good. I am going to check those out. Hmm one good habit I am proud of is drinking lots of water everyday.

  3. Happy WIAW! I am going to try the PB & J Protein Bars. They sure look good. :-)

    1. They're my favorite! I make them all the time!

  4. Those PB&J bars look really good! :D