Monday, September 24, 2012

MIMM: Apple picking

When I lived in North Carolina, I went apple picking and loved it. First off, I love apples, especially Fujis. Secondly, I love the old-timey feeling of the farms.

We had meant to go apple picking today (#1 ON MY BUCKET LIST!) but hadn't made plans.
Also already have pumpkin candles! I'm on this!

Mom and I quickly packed into the car and drove an hour and a half to Riley's at Los Rios Ranch at the foot of the mountains in San Bernardino, in a cool-named city called Yucaipa.

The weather was marvelous for the long drive.

There were only 3 varieties to choose from: Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and Red Delicious. :( Though farm-picked apples tend to be good anyways.

Mom wanted me to take pictures of her, but she doesn't like to smile for them.

The Granny Smiths were tart and more of a baking apple - look for apple recipes! The Golden and Red Delicious apples were quite good.

Afterwards, we drove back down the mountain and to Oak Glen Village. It consisted mostly of a restaurant. We decided on apple cider and mom wanted an apple loaf.

Verdict: We got apples, not what I expected though. The farm wasn't as nice as described - I didn't see the BBQ, the store, or anything besides a couple of kiosks at which to buy bags. We got a peck for $20, which was not much considering I'm sure I bought 1/2 bushels for the same price or less!

I won't be going again. The drive is too long. We'll find somewhere else or just buy our Fujis from the store.

Though if you're ever in Western North Carolina, I suggest Justus Orchard in Hendersonville. I wrote the only review on their yelp page, complete with pictures!

We came home, grubbed on chicken salads, fell asleep, showered, and I went for a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood.

All this fun and I forgot to clean. I remembered to clean my mat while I was showering :) and finally painted my nails.

Oh, don't forget it's...


Check it out here!

Have you ever been apple picking or picked any fruit?


  1. I've never been apple picking! But I do love apples. Especially pink ladies. My mom refuses to smile for photos too, haha. And my dad refuses to do anything but put on goofily exaggerated smiles. It makes for some GREAT family photos, let me tell you ;D

  2. I love apple picking! We used to go as a family every fall in N. GA. I've actually been up to Hendersoville too. I always loved getting the hot cider samples. And panning for gold in Dahlonega. :)