Sunday, September 16, 2012


You know how they tell you to focus on yourself and not watch others in yoga? Well, I totally don't follow the rules.

I watch other people, usually to gain an idea of how advanced the class is and to push myself. I can spot the person that has practiced yoga for awhile and look to him/her for tips or okay, I compare myself to some hotter chick. What? I'm human, with human insecurities.

I had my eye on a girl who was doing some sort of workout before. She looked dedicated with her music, light hand weights, and stretches. I thought she'd be one to watch. Well, she was, but it was a total distraction because she was more of a newbie than I expected.

Okay, the point here is people aren't always what they seem. I know I'm not. Today was a nice reminder though.

Yoga wasn't extremely challenging today, but I felt my aches and pains from yesterday's killer TurboKick class. My knees and hips needed the hatha vinyasa flow. I typically like vinyasa but not hatha though I've only tried it once.

The typical class is Vinyasa or Power yoga and there are quite a few Bikram studios. I want to try more Ashtanga yoga, even though it was meant for young boys.

Another no-no that I do: eat pizza. I ended up working the closing shift because my co-worker didn't show up and needed dinner. It's not a don't for most people but I've been experiencing terrible bloating with a large slice of thin crust pizza. My whole body, in addition to my belly, swells up. I swear. And that was 4 hours ago!

So while I do like pizza, I'm giving it up for good this time.

Frozen yogurt after worked helped out a little, but I'm pretty much going to shower and lay down now... :(

P.S. Breakfast, which I made with a sample packet of green protein: high protein clean dessert crepe

Do you stay focused on yourself or do you get distracted by others?
What foods irritate you?

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