Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kettlebell "boredom buster" circuit (& not going to bed hungry)

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Last night, I tried to sleep, but my hunger kept me up. The last time I ate was at 8 P.M. and by 10:30, I was starved. I ended up eating a bite of an oatmeal cookie (thanks Foodie Penpal package) and that was all I needed.

It's okay to eat at night because you're hungry... so hungry that you can't go to sleep.

Lesson learned. Instead, I ate my last meal at 9:15 P.M. - pumpkin goo in a Sonoma low carb tortilla wrap. Hope it powers me through.

Today's workout is based on Blonde Ponytail's last post with Joe Vennare. I was convinced...

Workouts are time efficient, training total body strength, cardiovascular capacity, and flexibility simultaneously... training with kettlebells will help decrease an athlete’s likelihood of injury.

What a fun video to watch - he's cute! That hair! :)

I went to Gold's Gym and was pretty confident. Sometimes I'm hesitant, but I imagined myself doing the moves and practiced... in my head. Like I said, I had trouble sleeping.

It's okay to watch workout videos simply because the guy is hot. :)

Workout notes:
  • I started with a dynamic warm up courtesy of The Hybrid Athlete also. 
  • For the workout, I added an exercise (kettlebell swings) and did 4 rounds instead of 5. I used 15 pounds and for the half moon and sit-ups, I used 8 pounds.
  • I intended on doing 10 minutes of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off sprints. Yes, for just 5 minutes, but I didn't have time so I just ran 5 minutes straight on an incline. I alternated between 5-10% incline with a 4-5 mph "run." I felt some great power in my legs running on that incline.
  • Kettlebells are so much fun! I don't know what people are talking about with their cardio machine "boredom busters" because those never appeal to me. Circuits are 100xs better. And kettlebells are supposed to balance you out.
  • I felt it today, and I'm going to feel it tomorrow. The kettlebell gave me a nice scrape on my knuckle... hardcore. :)

Warm up (5 minutes)
1 minute each
Walking lunge with knee drive
Hip flexor crawl
Single leg deadlift to knee drive
Leg swings
Open & close hip

Workout (35 minutes)
60 seconds on, 15 seconds off x 4 rounds; rest 60 seconds after each round
Kettlebell swings
Kettlebell thrusters
Kettlebell half moon
Kettlebell squat & upright row
Kettlebell sit up
5 minute incline run

Cool down (5 minutes)
Warm up exercises
Foam rolling

More from Joe & The Hybrid Athlete team to read:
Read everything! The website is amazing. They are extremely versatile.

Do you work with kettlebells? I don't use kettlebells often, but I should! I felt my whole body work especially my core. However, I started to feel weak in the hips. :( 
What's your "boredom buster?"

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