Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day in the life of a girl with an injury

Friday and Saturday off. Sounds like a dream, but its been torture too. I haven't worked out and the kink in my neck is pretty darn painful. It is getting better and I'm excited to return to some more intense workouts tomorrow.

Oatmeal protein pancakes with yummy pancake syrup. I smelled like pancake syrup all morning; it was glorious.

Fancy lunch with a salad with cauliflower, carrots, and some salsa.

Inside that tortilla? Laughing Cow garlic and herb wedge, avocado, and chicken.

My favorite gummy bears!

Part of what my budgeting will look like: saving receipts.

Plans of a person who is injured:
  • Spend the first 20 minutes awake with a hot pad on my neck.
  • Do this 20 minute at-home circuit. It doesn't have much neck movement and got my heart rate up.
  • Eat breakfast. This is the only meal I write about...
  • Meal plan.
  • Ride bike to bank.
  • Study chapter 11 of 12.
  • Read Life of Pi
  • Watch "Pretty Little Liars." I've already watched 8 episodes! If you haven't watched it, you need to start!
I've finished the whole first season now, and I'm in love with this guy: Caleb played by Tyler Blackburn. Of course, he plays the bad boy with a big heart. Swoon!


Have you watched "Pretty Little Liars?"
How do you handle forced days off? Sometimes I'm okay then I get upset that I've done nothing all day.

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