Friday, September 7, 2012

Review: Nike Training Club app newbie

Awhile back, I downloaded the Nike Training Club app. I finally used it today after a rest day.

I chose "Get Toned" even though I wanted to "Get Strong." *Since I was working out at home, I only have access to 8 lb weights.


After looking through the workouts, I went with a 45 minute "Super Fusion" workout. The others had too many tuck jumps...

I got nice and sweaty. This one isn't going to make me particularly sore tomorrow though... I don't think at least.

What I loved
  • You can sync up your music. I used Pandora on my computer because I have no music on my phone. 
  • The voice tells you what to do and for how long. It also tells you when to alternate sides.
  • Surprise! Because the voice tells you what to do, you don't have to memorize the moves and thus, anticipate each one. I like this because, like boot camp, I push myself instead of conserving energy for a harder move later.
  • Variety. I avoided the one with tuck jumps in between. The "Super Fusion" was heavy on lunges, bicycle crunches, and walk-outs to push-ups. I definitely felt them!
What the app/I can improve on
  • The voice that tells you everything to do doesn't explain how to do it until 15 seconds in. I had to look over the moves first.
  • I'm not as motivated at home and failed with the lateral jumps. I like working out without shoes (good for my feet to breathe) but such moves are easier with shoes.
Now I have time to shower and mail off a package before work!

Have you tried the NTC app before?
Any fitness apps you use?

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