Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hefty to-do but It's Ok [Thursday]

My to-do list gnawed at me all morning.

I made breakfast and lunch but not dinner. 

Breakfast: carrot cake protein pancakes with Averie Cooks' pumpkin spice latte.

It's not fall yet but I can pretend.

Lunch: a veggie burger in a Flatout with avocado, Laughing Cow cream cheese wedge, and Power to the Greens!

We have nothing in terms of protein except a block of silken tofu.

I tried to make a tofu scramble but the tofu was so soft... it's just a mess. The taste is the same though. I added some edamame for color.


Dishes! Must be done after cooking!

I needed to workout this morning but had no idea what to do.

I planned for BodyAttack but didn't feel in the mood. I'm usually good about going even if I'm not in the mood. Plus I knew since Monday that at least my wrists needed a rest.

Get gas. This happens a lot - I run out of gas.

Buy a gift for my friend to send out tomorrow. The store opens at 10.

Study! Since I didn't yesterday, I'm hoping to get in some study time in 5th period today... I hope.

Return movies. I watched 2 movies yesterday including "The Five-Year Engagement," which I liked but didn't think it was the best thing ever.


Returning them between jobs.

Survive both jobs today. I already have a little headache but couldn't sleep in. That's where coffee came in today!

Its Ok Thursdays

But really today will be okay. I'll get everything done.

To sit. All this craziness about sitting too much stressed me out to where I never sat. I would stand everywhere or lay down but never sit. I don't work in an office; I'm always moving around!

To skip a workout. I'm not worried about over-training anymore, but I want my rest days to build muscle... and be able to truck through 10 hours of work.

To drink, eat, smell pumpkin already. Starbucks is on it... I try to make my own pumpkin spice latte.

To just relax by myself. Once upon a time, I had a much more active social life. Once I put my jammies on, I'm done for. I still move if I have to though. :)

Last night, I totally put on my jammies, whipped out the computer, and watched movies. Tonight, after work, I'm doing the same thing except I'll be reading [for fun].

I also like to bake whenever possible - I made carrot cake protein muffins in loaf form. Not too shabby.

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  1. Hey Julie!
    I just found your blog- and your story is SO similar to mine. Good for you for being on your path to healthy the "right" way. It's so tough to battle through those body image/weight issues- trust me, I know... but you'll get there!