Thursday, September 20, 2012

Friday's Letters: Getting pumped up for fall [T.V.]


Dear Car, You're so high maintenance in your old age. I know it's only an oil change, but I've spent $1000+ on you this year! You're the only car I've ever had and I love you though.

Dear Future Home, Find me soon. We've been looking for you and we're ready. We just need a good location and an equally good price.

Dear Gold's Gym, You're less and less intimidating.

Dear Body, I love the muscles I'm getting! I love that I'm losing weight slowly. I will continue to feed you well, and I will try to sleep more.
I want to feed you more of these...

Dear Feet, I will NEVER EVER try to put you in heels again. I wore wedges for 15 minutes and they rubbed my heels the wrong way and I got a blister on my toe. :(

Dear "Bones," I'm so glad you're back. The first episode of the new season was so good.


Dear "CSI," Speaking of "Bones," I miss you too. When will you come back?

Dear Fall, Just a few more days till you're here. I can't wait to make these pumpkin pie protein pancakes and another batch of super soft pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

What show are you excited to see return this fall?
Do you wear heels?

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  1. Hi from the Linkup!

    The pumpkin pancakes sound so good and the cookies look so good! I definitely want to try making both.

    I hope you have a good weekend! xoxo