Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pumped up: pumpkin & popchips

I stayed indoors most of the day. Thank goodness because our temps reached into the high 90s.

I started my morning with some of these birthday cake protein ice cream bites (sans coating) and TurboKick.

Good class. I was all over the place! I was pumped up afterwards while driving.

I stopped by Trader Joe's on the way home for provisions and found... pumpkin Greek yogurt. I mean, I could totally make this myself but how exciting anyways! I'll be saving it for a pumpkin-less day.

After a shower, I quickly made oatmeal protein pancakes. I've ditched adding shredded carrots and my bag of carrots sits in the fridge waiting to be made into baked carrot fries (best way to eat them!).

I bought Sonoma carb cutting tortillas at TJ's and made lunch: pumpkin & sweet onion quesadilla. I browned onions, spread a Laughing Cow cream cheese wedge, added pumpkin, and sprinkled on some maple sugar. *I used the same pan I made pancakes with to heat 'em up.

Even after three hours, they tasted delicious at work.

The quesadilla was less than 200 calories so I was still hungry. Um, frozen yogurt anyone? Only 8 thin mint cookie & pumpkin pie yogurt with crushed graham crackers of course!

More pumpkin...
I've been meaning to go to Bath & Body Works too, and fortunately, it was next to Trader Joe's. I bought two mini candles for $5 and got a free larger pumpkin carving candle.

My cousin picked up a Shock Top pumpkin wheat beer for me and I still have Buffalo Bill's pumpkin ale in my fridge since last year!

Redbox e-mailed me a 50 cent off coupon so I rented "Girl in Progress."

And while I was at the conventional grocery store (Ralph's), I found popchips' tortilla chips. They only had 2 flavors: nacho cheese and chili limon.

I'm not a fan of popchips normally but these are yummy and has a ton of seasoning. Salty goodness.

I had some shrimp spring rolls for dinner with a side of popchips.

A little studying (on immigration and minority education) before movie time.

Do you like popchips? If so, what's your favorite flavor? If not, do you eat any salty chip snacks?
Do you like pumpkin?


  1. Bath and Body works candles are the best!! I definitely walked around the store smelling them all today :P

    1. The only problem is I have to take a breather for all the scents combining with one another. I couldn't figure out which smelled like what...