Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gift for 2

Yesterday was okay. Not as fun as I expected.

In 4th period, we watched "Rise of the Apes" because we have lots of boys who chose that. I ended up getting to Juice It Up on time and finding out that the neon green juice the teacher likes is called "Congo Lime." I picked myself up a light eggnog latte.

I bought extremely generic Starbucks cups with candy inside for the secretaries then presented a Nothing Bundt Cake marble cake to my 6th period. It was so large, I offered it to 4 other classes before it disappeared. Salty food might have been a better choice...

Job #2 was work. Happily, we did well and we're having a holiday get together on Monday night. It'll be good socialization. :)

I grabbed a slice of pizza and a green juice then watched "The Art of Getting By." Eh, it was artsy and I didn't get into it before I fell asleep. Good thing I got "Heavyweights" in the mail. It was suggested by a friend who kept calling me "Nurse Julie" in college.

I got to sleep in today and woke up to warmth. It was spring hot. I even thought about going to ride my bike at the beach. Fortunately I didn't because it started drizzling when I came out of the gym. Biking indoors was successful however, boot camp was tough. I didn't feel as good as I had mostly due to mountain climbers, lateral burpee??!, and squats with tricep press. The latter is hard to do synchronously. Speed-skating and lunges made me feel a little better.

With 40% off of Van's ending on the 31st, I headed over to the store and spent a good hour trying on shoes. I haven't had Van's since middle school and of course, they're popular again.

I tried on Authentics, Authentic Lo Pros, and Eras. They look similar, but I chose the Authentics. The Lo Pros made my feet bulge out from the sides. :/ I also didn't go with any color - the two-tones made the front look long. Ultimately, I went with the gray over the blue. I think this picture on my Pinterest board was in the back of my head when I made my choice.

I also nabbed a pair of black Hello Kitty slip-ons for my cousin's Christmas present. I liked the checkered Hello Kitty pair, but everyone at the store favored the black with the giant Hello Kitty.

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