Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bike weather

Good afternoon! I slept in, but not until now. I stayed in bed after a couple of snoozes. I hadn't decided on a suitable workout for the day - I wasn't up for TurboKick or yoga. But I peeked outside and the day looked gorgeous. By 9, it was still gorgeous. I finally got out of bed and made breakfast.

I bought almond jalapeno jack style "cheese" yesterday at Mother's to change up my usual goat cheese. Melted on half my bagel. Yum.

Paired with spicy green beans and a bite of last night's Babycakes NYC blueberry donut. :)

I got the bike out and rode. I had plans to buy Gold Bond for my cracked heels (shoes in, sandals out unfortunately) and stuff to send my dad. I also rode out to Trader Joe's and found there was no more cookie butter! :( I had one jar and didn't hoard. I ate quite a bit of it before deciding it was bad for my health. Hah, but it was sooo good. :/

Picked up yesterday! Those figs finally on sale! :)

I was in luck when I headed to TJ Maxx. Tons of workout wear for the new year. I found one yoga towel for $14.99, much less than the price of YogiToes and Gaiam yoga towels.


Post 10-mile ride, I had part of a leftover apple with a little PB and a bite of raw apple pie.

Ugh, now I have to get ready for work. I switched with a co-worker tomorrow and will work close again. I don't like it, but I'm too nice to say no and hope she'll take one of my shifts when I need.

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