Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas without a bang

Happy holidays! Unlike Thanksgiving, we're not doing anything snazzy. Some of my family went out to eat broken rice with meat and whatnot while the rest of them had Vietnamese pho. I didn't do either. I had a green juice pre-yoga. I bought it yesterday but forgot all about it when I went to bed at 8:30! Eek. I woke up at 1 and stayed up for awhile and finished Love Walked In.

Such a great book! I've been slow in finishing it but only because I've been busy. The book isn't easy to start but after the weird, fanciful descriptions, the story reads well. It's not about man-woman love as much as it is about love in general and finding yourself I guess. The whole situation the story poses is odd though. I suppose you can fall in love with a random child and want them to be yours?

I headed back over to Ra Yoga and tried Bik Ra. It's similar to Bikram in terms of poses, but it was only 60 minutes rather than 90 and not as hot. I wasn't focused and need to practice yoga more - I didn't do so well. :( I wanted more heat. I didn't sweat so I just changed and went to work.

Afterwards, I got hungry so I dropped by Mother's Market for their holiday sandwich. I figured that I needed to get my Christmas meal in somehow: 2 slices of nine grain bread, Tofurky, lettuce, and tomatoes with garlicky mashed potatoes and cranberry relish that I asked for on the side. Unfortunately, they did not cut it in half for me and I struggled with eating half the sandwich while driving to work. The other half was consumed after work.

I was the big seller today. When we sold, we sold quite a bit. Or rather, I sold a lot - $1400 and was at the top. Big deal right??! I'm being sarcastic by the way. Who cares? It's a corporate tactic to get us to sell more, and I'm not with that...

My co-worker brought Sprinkles cupcakes and since I had wanted to try the eggnog spice before it goes away for another year, I ate the top half and scraped off the frosting. Though I had fro-yo from Cherry on Top on the way home too. Only $1.50 worth of it though. :)

I showered, napped, and then my cousin and I went to buy some snacks for his dad, rent a movie ("Southland Tales" because we love The Rock), took presents over to my aunts and uncle, bought him blueberry + strawberry donuts from The Donuttery, and finally headed home.

To culminate my Christmas Eve eats, I had organic tortilla chips with Trader Joe's pineapple salsa and an apple with my new MaraNatha almond butter.

I also bought a gigantic jar of their peanut butter with a hint of sea salt. I totally add more sea salt to it though.

Off to put in "Southland Tales" and sleep. Tomorrow, it's off to yoga for me and my mom. I need to get my practice in gear. Hopefully, we can fit in some long walks as well. And I'm not much for seeing movies at the theater, but I'd love to see this, particularly because it's in English:

I'm super excited to have found this LivingSocial deal for my hip prob. I'll get both a massage and an adjustment.

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