Monday, December 5, 2011

Wrong kind of Santa

Where have I been lately? Being sick. Yes, still have that sore throat and it was an advantage for a few days when I had close my mouth completely and breathe through my nose when working out (duh, should do that more).

Unfortunately, I woke up feel eh today even with a good amount of sleep. TurboKick wiped me out, partly because I hurt my left big toe. I've had problems with that toe since a forceful yoga position months ago and sometimes, if I'm not careful, I hurt it again. :/

At work, my nose got a bit mucus-y. Ew. I've had green juices everyday for several days and I felt my energy increasing. I believe it has prevented me from feeling sicker.

The winds have not helped. I thought we dodged the winds that put Pasadena (north of us) in a state of emergency, but we got a taste of it today. All the trees are swaying and palm leaves dotted the road. Wrong kind of Santa: Santa Ana winds. :/

I have a little headache that's making my eyes droopy so time for a nap. I still have to return books and would like to get my cousin something (at least a card) for his birthday tomorrow.

Monday, December 5
workout: 20 mins bike, TurboKick
eats: 1/4 c. Fage 0% + blackberries, salmon + spinach + 1/3 biscuit (Mother's), almonds, salami + avocado, dark chocolate oatmeal packet, green juice, apple
work: high school only :)
read: The Help
watch: N/A

Tuesday, December 6
workout: Rest
eats: steak + spinach, mini cupcake, egg-rito, yogurt single, green juice, apple
work: high school & retail
read: The Help
watch: "The Help"

Wednesday, December 7
workout: Cardio Rev Conditioning
eats: 1/2 small banana + 1/2 Luna protein bar, salmon + steak + spinach, sunflower butter, egg-rito, fro-yo, green beans + broc + corn + hummus, green juice, apple
work: high school only
read: N/A
watch: "Pound of Flesh"

Thursday, December 8
workout: 20 mins elliptical, BodyPump
eats: 1/2 banana + sunflower butter, butternut squash + green beans + salmon, egg-rito, fro-yo, Chobani lemon yogurt single, 1/2 green juice, cornbread, apple
work: high school & retail
read: N/A
watch: "Bones"

Friday, December 9
workout: 30 mins bike, 24SET
eats: 1/2 green juice, egg-rito, oatmeal, almonds, green juice, apple, Trader Joe's peppermint Joe Joe
work: high school
read: Slow Love
watch: N/A

Saturday, December 10
workout: boot camp
eats: 1/4 c. Fage 0%
work: retail

Sunday, December 11
workout: maybe Zumba, BodyPump
work: retail

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