Friday, December 2, 2011

Decemberist list

I was about to make my December goals and came upon this list of 24 Holiday Activities to Get You in the Spirit. I ticked off items I've done and left ones I would still like to do.

1. Make homemade ornaments. Like these tinsel snowflakes, cookie-cutter, or three dimensional paper ornaments.
2. Have a holiday cookie making party.
3. Make a gingerbread house or cookie cottage.
6. Design and create an advent calendar.
7. Go take a leisurely evening drive, look at xmas lights and see how many xmas songs you can remember the lyrics to.
8. Go ice skating.
10. Make a new holiday dessert while listening to xmas songs on the radio.
12. Have a xmas dessert pot luck party and homemade gift exchange.
13. Make Nutella and banana S'mores, sit by the fire and play games.
15. Go to a holiday play or concert.
16. Find some good holiday events happening in your town.
17. Make hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps and watch a holiday movie.
18. Make gingerbread waffles for breakfast.
19. Make a new holiday recipe for dinner.
21. Buy a new tea that you save to drink just in the month of December.

I'm about done eating my batch of Union Square Cafe nuts and want to make something a little sweeter tomorrow: cinnamon roasted almonds. It's going to make the house smell fine!

As for my December goals, tomorrow.

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