Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day

To cap off the year, I woke up late (kind of) and decided on TurboKick Best of Vol 6. I thought it would be a nice change... and I have all these DVDs still in their shrink wrap. I liked it, but part way through, my left ankle hurt so I took it down to low impact. Well, ya know what? I felt the moves on my bottom more so than I did with high impact.

Work started at noon and ended at 4 so that leaves me plenty of time for... not celebrating New Years Eve really. I'm just going to do the usual, maybe break out some beer.

Brunch: 2 egg whites with jalapeno almond cheese and a few pieces of leftover chicken + green beans

With almond milk & rice nog coffee:

Snacked on almonds and favorite fro-yo after work.

For dinner, at around 4: slice of pizza + 3 soy chicken wings

I also stopped by Trader Joe's for a couple of items for the week:

A carb


Maybe next time I can try the gluten-free version as well:


And for tonight, for just under 5 bucks:


Happy 2012 all!

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