Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thoughts of Christmas

My nose has started to act up. I skipped my workout. I went to work. Then I went to work again. I was a busy bee and despite being sick, there were some awesome moments yesterday.

One of my favorites: "We want Julie." We worked in groups and each teacher/aide was assigned a group. It was a win-win situation since I liked the group. There are just some kids you connect with. I'll need to get pictures so I don't forget them over winter break!

I watched "The Help." I finally finished the book yesterday and sped over to get the DVD released yesterday. I cried a lot at the end...

Had I not read the book, I would have been a bit lost though on some of the character development. It is a long movie already, but I loved/missed the details from the book.

I left my yoga mat at mom's so I came to pick it up and did Bob Harper's Cardio Rev Conditioning instead of going to yoga class.

While in class, I thought about Christmas vacation. It's coming very soon and I have yet to do any shopping or planning. I'm definitely doing something for the kiddos and my little cousin Catherine.
  • Mom & aunt - Costco cards
  • Cousin Catherine
  • Co-workers x 2/teachers x 3/secretaries x 2 - "Moon" for one of the teachers, some TJ's for another,
  • Aunts x 2 - hula hoop (TJ Maxx had some on sale), ?
  • Uncle - Ghirardelli chocolates
  • 3rd, 4th, & 6th period classes - snacks!
  • AH, HS - ?, Expo markers (for an extra 100 pts)

I may try Costco for some gifts.

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