Monday, December 12, 2011

It's a jolly holiday with you

Mondays are delightful. I usually only work in the morning and it's quick. Unfortunately, it was raining then it got freeeezing. I haven't done much because of that. I hope the rain will subside...

I did manage to help my cousin do her nails just like mine, find more nail designs, and wrap a present. I haven't bought wrapping paper yet so I got a brown paper bag and drew my own bow. :) This present goes out tomorrow because I want him to get it before he goes to math class again this week.

I don't own a lot of films, but tonight my cousin picked out my copy of "Mary Poppins" to watch. My dad bought me the 40th anniversary edition years ago. My WHOLE family is watching it! Haha.

I also have "No Reservations" set aside for later. :) I think I'll rent "The Holiday" tomorrow... I'm in a grown-up holiday movie mood.

Monday, December 12

food: 1/4-1/2 c. Fage 0%, egg-rito w/ hummus & guac, almonds + dried mango, beef steak + corn + broc + tortilla chips, oatmeal, green juice, apple, 1/2 cupcake
workout: 20 mins elliptical, TurboKick
work: high school
to dos: wrap H Slovs' gift (Expo markers haha)

Tuesday, December 13
food: chicken + broc, egg-rito, yogurt single, oatmeal/pizza, green juice, apple
work: high school, retail
to dos: buy gift wrap?!

Wednesday, December 14
food: chicken, apple
workout: 20 mins bike, yoga
work: high school

Thursday, December 15
food: chicken, egg-rito, yogurt single, green juice, apple
workout: 20 mins elliptical, BodyPump
work: high school, retail

Friday, December 16
food: chicken, egg-rito, yogurt single, green juice, apple
workout: 20 mins biking, 24SET
work: high school, retail

Saturday, December 17
workout: TurboKick
work: none! :)

Sunday, December 18
work: ?

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