Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week before Christmas

Unexpected day off. I got to sleep in a little, get on the elliptical (hard today!), and BodyPumped. My leg tracks are fantastic in holding weight yet they look not so great. :( My arms are slacking. I feel the workouts in every place but the right ones.

Lots of shopping (and Costco sampling) but bought nothing but some peanuts and turkey. Which meant dinner was really not dinner but green juice and apples.

Watched this, kind of. Pretty interesting. Enjoyed.

Tomorrow is a new day. Looking at my body is rough. What's going on? I'm totally rocking workouts ya know and this is ridiculous. :/

One day I'm going to figure out this thing.

Monday, December 19
8:30-11 20 mins bike, TurboKick, & PiYo
3:30-7:30 work
8-10 Tommy Bahamas'
yogurt, bagelwich, Tommy Bahamas' ahi poke Napoleon

Tuesday, December 20
7:30-9 20 mins elliptical, BodyPump
yogurt, 1/2 bagel-wich, Costco samples, green juice, apple

Wednesday, December 21
7:30-8:30 at home workout > shower
9-10 drive to LA
11-1 massage in LA
fonuts after
5:15-10 work
fonuts, bagelwich, green juice pre-work

Thursday, December 22
9 Yogalates or 10:30 Ra Strength
Siggi yogurt single (100), 1/2 bagelwich (200), almonds (100), Costco samples (mostly pumpkin pie & cinnamon raisin bread!) (500), crab (200), apple (80), 1/2 c. egg nog (80)
watched "Kung Fu Panda 2"

Friday, December 23
9-11 10 mins elliptical, TurboKick, & Amp'd Abs
1-4:30 work
Siggi yogurt (100), 2 hard-boiled egg whites + cranberry-ginger oatmeal (200), 1/2 banana + PB (100), fro-yo (150), slice pizza + soy chicken (350), green juice (200)
read and finish Love Walked In

Saturday, December 24
8-9 BikRa (shower there)
10-2:30 work
yogurt, egg whites + cranberry-ginger oatmeal, apple
start Spirit Junkie

Sunday, December 25
10:30 Ra Strength
Spirit Junkie

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