Friday, December 2, 2011

The good kind of pain

The last three days have been fantastic. I've been super busy, yes, but also found more energy... despite the fact that I'm sick. My throat is in pain but that's pretty much it so not too bad.

Today is my first day not working 9 hours since Monday! :) Though 8-9 hours isn't bad when it's split between both jobs that are pretty fun (or okay) anyhow.

Wednesday, I wanted an extra hour of sleep so I broke out my yoga mat and Jillian Michaels' No More Trouble Zones and rocked it. I was wide awake and felt every move transform my body. Before stretching, I attempted Blogilates' food baby workout.

Those star squats are more killer than burpees. The jump out hurts my ankles.

Thursday, I headed to the gym and went to BodyPump. After 20 minutes on the gazelle/elliptical, I was extremely pumped to finally see my fave instructor again. Not only that, I was surprised by my ability to lift!

I think it had something to do with the video yesterday. The videos are performed with no or low weights and thus, make me focus on form.

Not only did I do them with precision and just the right kind of pain, I went up in weight! Below are my stats for last week - this week - and goal.
  • Warm-up: 20 - 20 - 20
  • Squats: 35 - 35 - 40
  • Chests: 20 - 20 - 20
  • Backs: 25 - 30 - 35
  • Triceps: 15 - 20 - 20
  • Biceps: 15 - 15 - 20 eventually
  • Lunges: 25 - 30 - 35
  • Shoulders: 5s in each hand - 5s in each hand with an attempt at 10s - 8s (dumbbell)
  • Abs: N/A
I was all smiles.

My throat felt worst today, but I was determined to go and conquer 24SET. It's a tough one because it incorporates weights and cardio and requires coordination that I seldom have. But I killed it today. Usually, I go through the motions to make sure I'm doing the move and not in pain. I did the moves well today and felt good pain. Knowing that, I kept going. I didn't stop because my back or shoulders hurt in a bad way. I warmed up with 30 minutes of biking to top it off.

Again, I had a big smile on my face.

Maybe new shoes helped my mood though my mood predates them.

The Nike Motion Fit came yesterday and they're quite bright. The fit is great like my Free XT even though it doesn't specifically say it has "Free" technology.

I resorted to Daytime Theraflu, 2 packets of Emergen-C, and a Goddess of Greens (from Mother's) with an egg for breakfast. I just had a slice of pizza from What A Lotta that I got my cousin for his birthday meal. It's not quite his birthday yet, but it's coming up and he will have caught up to me!

Finally a day off and I think it'll be spent reading and napping.

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