Friday, December 16, 2011


The winds are going crazy this morning. I could hardly sleep in... except I did because I was lightheaded yesterday and when I woke up. It might have to do with the little tidbit I told you at the bottom of yesterday's post. I hope so...

It's rest day #2 for me this week, but I've been eating well and working extra. Plus, it's nice to not wash my hair everyday because I'm not sweaty.

Oh! I forgot to mention, I added weight to my squats in BodyPump yesterday! Woohoo! I've reached my goal weight: 40 pounds. Part of the problem had been that I wasn't able to clean & press that weight to get it onto my shoulders! If it wasn't for a whole song, I bet I could squat more. I'll work up to it!

...and one day I will conquer CrossFit.

I've been meaning to read since I haven't found any good movies lately, but I left my current book Love Walked In at my aunt's. :( Its been a good read thus far - very different from what I expected.

I'm scrapping my plans to read Slow Love (tried) and West of Here (not in the mood).

Spirit Junkie
just came in for me at the library so I'll get to pick that up today!

Again, it's a day full of work. Although school will be loads of fun. My 4th period kiddos get Joe Joe's and my 6th period has a huge bundt cake to enjoy.

On that note, I'm out. Must shower, eat breakfast, get utensils, and buy a juice for a teacher before work! Eek!

At least this weather is going to keep the cake cool in my car. :)

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