Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1 hour to LA

Today is typically my off day from working out, or at least it has been for a few weeks now. Last week, I took a Wednesday to run a couple of miles, which while tough, was only 20 minutes. I decided to head to the gym for a little cardio: 30 minutes on the elliptical. I aimed for 45 but got bored. I have to work up to it again.

I had to get to work at 10:30 anyhow. I sold a lot today but by 2PM, I was burned out and took a 10 minute break in the sun. After work, I headed to Mother's for raw apple pie (finally!), some almond cheese, and a slice of pizza. I wasn't planning on pizza again, but I had plans for drinks tonight and wanted food in my belly before I headed to L.A.

A former work friend and his wife met me up in L.A. after a 5 hour drive from her hometown of Fresno and an uneventful, touristy day in Hollywood.

We talked about work, plans, and shared stories from our past. So many interesting things go on at the preschool all the time though I suppose it's not interesting when you're in it. Thankfully, I wasn't involved in much while there and quit before I blew my top. Worst. Job. Ever. They never appreciated us. Lots of people quit as well while others had some very shocking issues. Ugh, so happy for where I am right now.

Do I miss Asheville? Not really. I think 6 years was enough and I was sick of it. I have tons of fond memories but going back would be lonely. The last year (of working) totally killed my social life and almost (but didn't) inspired me to change careers altogether.

Anyways, back to fun. It took me an hour to get to L.A. and there was minimal traffic. I was pretty lucky. Nathan & Anna weren't as lucky. Since I had a few minutes and was less than a mile away, I stopped by Babycakes NYC. I always come if I'm in the neighborhood. The storefront changed to have a bigger kitchen and smaller front. It's also plainer than before - they used to have old wood and it was gorgeous. :( After I got over the change, I got myself a banana chocolate chip bread, cornbread, and a blueberry donut. I nibbled on it pre-drinks.

I called my friend who lives in L.A. for some bar options. He suggested Wilshire in Santa Monica, but it looked pricey. Instead, I called up my friend since first grade who was wine tasting at the time. He told me about two bars in downtown L.A. called Spring Street Bar and The Falls.

My camera broke so I nabbed some pictures online.

The Spring Street Bar was nice. They had quite a few people there at 5:30-6. I chose this place after reading reviews on their tap selection. Nathan chose the Seadog blueberry and Anna had a tangerine wheat. Both were good, but the Seadog hid the beer taste more. I ended up with the Heavenly Hefeweizen. It had a faint taste of bananas.

After awhile, we went next door to The Falls. Deserted. But it was also the most gorgeous bar I've been to. They had retro seating with walls to match and the other half was comprised of wood logs. Nathan got the beer shot (tequila + Negro Modelo), Anna had a grapefruit cocktail, and I chose a strawberry-basil + red pepper-infused vodka. Our second drinks sucked. I tried to get my fill of nog with an apple nog: whiskey, imulsified egg, and apple juice. Yeah, it ended up being disgusting and I left the $12 drink on the table.

The drive home was easy and quick since I waited till 9PM to do it. :)

Now time for bed and some yoga or something else in the morning.

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