Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Almost done...

Finalizing my holiday gift list... I've been working on it!
  • Mom
  • Aunt Jenny
  • 6th period - bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes! I paid $19 for a $39 cake... unfortunately, I forgot the 30% discount, which would have made it $13.30! :( Oh well.
  • 3rd period - guac & chips, apple cake I'm making tonight!

    Made with Trader Joe's vanilla cake & baking mix then filled with their apple pie filling. I got this recipe from the store demo. :) They smell good, has vanilla specks!, and I'm sure it tastes great!

  • 4th period - sea salt brownies, Joe Joe's
  • English teacher - cat cookies, magnetic hooks
  • Science teacher - "Moon"
  • Secretaries - Starbucks cups w/ candy
  • Work - sea salt caramels

Bolded are the things I still need to buy! And I still need to go to some stores...

  • Call Nothing Bundt Cakes on 17th Street
  • Costco for chips
  • TJ Maxx in Tustin

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