Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mid 20s

One day I wake up and realize, I'm 24... and I need to pluck my eyebrows more, put makeup on, do my nails, and dress like it.

Idea from A Vain Woman, but her red polka dots look less... bloody.

On the other hand, I started with white on the thumb.

More holiday nail ideas?! Snowflake nails are totally happenin' next week. The tutorial makes it look possible.

I have mostly workout clothes and a lot of fashionable clothes... that fit when I was 20 lbs lighter. I'm fashionable, but its been tough where I am with my weight. When will the acceptance come? Till then, I do need some clothes to hold me over.

I saw a workout jacket at Marshall's, also by Kyodan, that I really liked today... does that count?

I won $25 from work today and with my 50% discount, I bought a pair of $89 pants for $20! I love them!

When I first tried them on, I didn't like them, but I think that there's a level of body acceptance lately. With my nightly green juices and eliminating the crazy calorie counting, I'm doing better or at least, feeling better in my skin. I feel stronger when I work out.

Off to watch "The Debt" and go to bed for one last hurrah week before winter break!

Update on holiday gift lift, which has gotten smaller:
  • Mom
  • Aunt Jenny
  • Cousin Catherine
  • English teacher (1/2 done), science teacher, math teacher
  • Co-workers x 2
  • A Hecke, H Slovs
  • 6th per class bought some Joe Joe's and Sour Patch Kids
  • 3rd per class need to find something awesome, some guac & chips too since we have it
  • 4th per class maybe salted brownies from Trader Joe's... because I want to try them too!

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