Thursday, December 22, 2011


Yoga is one of those things I neglect quite often. I know I should do it, I feel good when I do it, and honestly, I've lost weight doing it. But... the instructors are a hit or miss and the prices are steep.

In Asheville, we had an Asheville Community Yoga Center that was nicer than the for-profit ones. Plus, it was free! They had tons of classes to choose from as well.

I've tried yoga elsewhere and never did really like any place else. Sometimes, I just went to the gym because it was close and I had a membership.

Because I wasn't feeling BodyPump due to my hip and didn't want to dance it out in Zumba at night, I chose yoga. My co-worker and some customers suggested Ra Yoga in Costa Mesa. I'd seen them. It's right off the 405 freeway.

Not a lot of people. Okay, it's 10:30 on a Thursday before the holidays... The space is gorgeous - organic and neat. They sell two kinds of yoga tops I coveted and had yogi toes, which I need to remember to buy. You take off your shoes and walk right in, even into the bathrooms and lockers. Fortunately, they are superbly clean.

I chose Ra Strength. I once did a Yoga Download video that incorporated weights and boy, was that tough. Since I chickened out of BodyPump, I thought this might be perfect. The room was smaller than I expected but perfect for the number of people who showed up today. Unlike Huntington Beach Hot Yoga, it wasn't packed and disgustingly hot. Plus, they have wood floors rather than carpet though Bikram (Asheville) had carpet and I was okay by that? The temp was up and I dripped in sweat. The class was moderately difficult and great for my laziness today. :)

I'll be back Saturday and Sunday when the gyms are closed or offering classes I can't attend because, *sigh* I'll be at work. *P.S. I totally folded clothes for hours yesterday on a table that was just high enough to strain my shoulders. :(

I enjoyed Bikram yoga when it was cold and bought a Groupon to try the new one out here, Bikram Yoga Huntington Beach.

Siggi for breakfast and I just shared a Rudi's bagel with Tofutti & fig butter + 2 slices of turkey with my cousin. Then we'll be sampling at Costco since I have to get some yogurt. We're having crab and watching "Kung Fu Panda" tonight.

Off to get some presents for the family: fitness hoop, slippers, and chocolate. I promised my cousin I'd help him wrap his presents as well. I really enjoy wrapping presents.

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