Friday, December 16, 2011

This time it's real

I finished shopping and wrapping.

Of course the teacher I decided I couldn't find anything for and gave up on gave me a card and a Starbucks gift card. After work, I went to pick up a book on... the history of weaponry. He has a shelf of history books and maps on his wall even though he's a math teacher.

I also stopped by Mother's for a green juice even though it's out of my way and I could have gone to Whole Foods. Whole Foods have much more expensive green juices. I picked up more oatmeal and Silk nog!

I came home when it was 10 and wrapped gifts with my cousin. I bought shiny green wrapping paper from TJ Maxx. It's so fantastic that I easily removed tape I put on poorly the first time.

The book was bought and wrapped.

"Moon" was wrapped.

Yes, the teacher is named Mr. Blizzard!

Two Starbucks cups with candy were outfitted.

My mom helped me pick up two hooks that look like the back of a dog from Ikea. I got them so the teacher could use them as hat hooks.

The same teacher gets a lemon cupcake from SusieCakes. He mentioned liking them and if time, I'm going to pick up a lime green concoction he once mentioned from Juice It Up! that's next to the school.

Today was such a full day. Besides the aforementioned, I went to BodyPump and squatted 40 lbs! It's 5 more pounds than I've ever done! :) I worked both jobs, and served my children guac & chips and my delicious apple cake. At job number 2, I sold well over $800 in product and while we got out 30 minutes later, at least I get paid for it.

Between jobs, I picked up the Nothing Bundt Cake I ordered. So pretty with the decorations! I kept it in my car and drove in the cold to prevent it from melting. They handed it to me cold, I left it in the cold car while at work, and it barely fits into the fridge now.

I let one of my students pick the flavor: marble - yellow cake with chocolate swirl. Ours doesn't have pineapple. Instead, it has some paper flowers and a picture of Santa.


And as if you didn't need TMI, I have it: I am seeing signs of a period! I hope this means my body is being restored! :)

Tomorrow's a fun day, but it'll be long with my second job. At least I'll be done with this shopping deal...

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