Monday, December 26, 2011

It can only get better

Success! Despite slacking (in my opinion) in my workout this morning, I went to work and was met with a ton of customers. I was sweating from all the running around! I was asked to stay till 6 and sold $1900 worth of stuff. Last time I worked, I sold $1400, and was again top seller. Like it matters... But it's good for my ego to know I can do this (work in retail).

I headed to Mother's for a green juice but was enticed by the jalapeƱo-vegan pepperoni pizza! I still got an 8 oz green juice for my fill of veggies. Except wait, they gave me 16 oz and said it was okay to keep. I can have the rest tomorrow. That's not it: dessert for 50% off. I got sugar free pumpkin cheesecake since I didn't get my fill this holiday. I'll save it for another day since they had 3 free samples of dessert. :)

It's jammie (still struggling but my face looks better when I gain weight so it's a toss up) and basketball time (Lakers v Kings and it doesn't matter either way). Then I'll work on my list of to dos I made earlier.

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